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Hayden Houston

Hayden specializes in land development, redevelopment, and multi-family properties for the last five years. Hayden has represented clients throughout Utah and the US selling prime land for high-rise multifamily, master planned communities, and value add properties. As an advisor, Hayden has facilitated over $40,000,000 in sales and over 2,000 acres of land. Hayden is licensed in both Texas and Utah.

Possessing a true entrepreneurial spirit, Hayden successfully started, owned, operated, and sold an e-sport company while in college. Realizing his passion for real estate, Hayden decided to start his career in commercial real estate, combining his business-interests and skills together with guidance from his mentors who noticed his special entrepreneurial attributes and his unique insight into current market trends. Hayden’s unrelenting diligence, integrity, and passion for helping clients succeed make him an effective partner for anyone looking to maximize their financial success.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Hayden enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, children and dogs, starting and consulting start-up companies and working in esports.