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Nick Horton

Nicholas “Nick” Horton, a native of Argyle, Texas, has always been known for his passion, competitiveness & attention to detail. Growing up in Argyle, he was influenced by his football coaches, Greg Johnson and Brad Tyndall of VERUS. Their mentorship instilled in him the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance that have shaped his professional journey and led him to work alongside them. They still bark out orders at Nick and blow a whistle from time to time just to see him sweat!

Nick consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence, a competitive drive and a keen eye for identifying opportunities. His experiences working in law, finance and private investments have prepared him well to offer a well-rounded knowledge base for his clients. His energy and drive to help clients achieve their goals shows through the results. Not to mention he has great hair! Get to know the man and you’ll find yourself smiling and feeling positive. He’s infectious that way.