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William “Mitch” Mitchell

William L. Mitchell II, “Mitch”, has over 25 years of experience in Real Estate and Development. As a seasoned veteran in all aspects of Land Development, he is comfortable and relentless in all phases from initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling to closure of projects throughout Texas. Mitch is a native of Denton, Texas, graduated from Denton High in 1988 and attended UNT and SMU. Mitch enjoys traveling and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kasey, and his two children Preston and Madeleine.
Picture a Tasmanian devil on Red Bull and you’ve gotten close to the energy level on this dude. He can cover six topics on five different projects and never take a breath! Nobody’s gonna outwork him though. If you like talking land, give Mitch a call, wind him up and watch the Tasmanian devil go!